The Body Shop

So, you've built that smokin' fast hot rod, but you're tired of the "rusto rod" and primer jokes.  This is the place to spruce your ride.  Think you can't make a great looking stock car?  Most of those fancy looks are a one-color paint job and a decal set.  While Boss Bodies can be painted with almost any paint, Lexan slot car bodies need special paint.  Get your Pactra spray colors here.  For a list of Parma's Faskolor paints, shoot us an email.

This section has a pictorial step by step guide showing how we mount Boss Bodies on a plastic chassis.  The car pictured is an old Artin.  If your chassis does not have the flat sides, just use some scrap plastic to make "L" brackets for the sides... or you could just buy some from us.
So, you just got your cool Boss Body, and the wheel wells don't line up with your non-adjustable chassis.  No sweat.  Have rotary tool, hacksaw, razor saw, will fit.  This pictprial guide shows how to hack your chassis and still have a straight, strong car.
Great selection of decal sets in most scales.