ARCA Slot Car Racing Series

Flemington Modifieds Slot Car Racing Series

Flemington Speedway was a motor racing circuit in Flemington, New Jersey which operated from 1915 to 2002. The track is most known for hosting four NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races and its pioneering use of foam blocks used to lessen the impact of crashes, which led to the adoption of the SAFER barrier and was America's longest-running Saturday night shorttrack until its closing.

These slot cars will be a reminder of the middle of the track's life, where simple rail jobs thundered around the speedway.  Use the Sprints Plus kit or chassis and a body from Skinnys to recreate the modifieds of yesteryear and race them at home, or here at Smith Scale Speedway.

Congratulations 2013 Champion, Steve Smith

  1. Jeremy Blood

  2. Steve Smith

  3. Steve Smith

  4. Jeremy Blood

  5. Jeremy Blood

  6. Steve Smith

  7. Steve Smith


Past Champions

      2012 - Jeremy Blood

      2013 - Steve Smith


General Competition Rules (Word)      General Competition Rules (pdf)

Flemington Modified Car Rules (Word)

Flemington Modified Car Rules (pdf)