Most slot car bodies are thin, brittle Lexan.  Boss Bodies doesn't believe in "one hitters".   We make our slot car bodies from .020 thick high impact, durable, flexible PVC that is tough enough for your Saturday Night short track action.  Put those shelf queens away and trade paint without tearing your fenders off.

Made with pride in America.  California plastic made with Texas oil and hand crafted in New Hampshire.

smithspeedway's Boss Bodies photoset smithspeedway's Boss Bodies photoset
These bodies ship clear and untrimmed. They do not come with the paint jobs you see here.  While our slot car bodies are 1/32 scale and properly proportioned, as with all manufacturers, some may be slightly larger or smaller than actual 1/32 scale.  These slot car bodies will all look good running against each other though, and mount well on a 1/32 scale chassis.  Small cars like the Nova and Maverick can go on a Womp with an adaptor, as long as you don't mind the tires hanging way out of the fenders.

Need decals, paint, body clips, info on how to stretch a chassis, mount a body? 

1/32 Scale Boss Bodies - $5.00 each - Over 60 models to choose from
click to enlarge American Street Cars 1931-59

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Classic coupes to 50's iron.  Vintage modifieds, or cool cruisers, these are what you need.

click to enlarge American Street Cars 1960-69

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Pony cars and muscle cars.  Street Stock and Bomber heaven!  Hack up a Nova or Chevelle.
click to enlarge American Street Cars 1970-79

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Vintage modifieds and more Bombers.  Build a Pinto modified, GTO stocker,  or Vega drag car.     
click to enlarge American Street Cars 1980-00

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More modern tastes?  Want a Viper or Vette blasting through the esses?  Gran Turismo style.
click to enlarge Race Cars

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Custom sheet metal to wrap your tube chassis in.  The essential skin for your 1/32 scale stock car.
click to enlarge Asian and European Cars

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High pitched turbo whine, Japanese tech, or Italian flare.  Get your slot car exotics and tuners.